Guerlain | Abeille Royale Skincare Line

Guerlain is very close to my heart now.. and since the Abeille Royale line first caught my heart.. it is just right for me to b/vlog about it first

To those who have been following me for years now.. y’all know what led me to Guerlain. If you want to know the back story .. here you go :

Not a fan of reading? Watch this instead :

Oh you’re still here.. maybe I can start sharing more about some of the products in the Abeille Royale line?


This Guerlain Hair Oil is like a heaven-sent – an answered prayer that I didn’t even ask for. It got rid of my dandruff without the dryness, treated my scalp acne without nodes and brought my dead hair into life. This hair oil is non greasy, lightweight and very relaxing. It minimized my grey hair without the dizziness and headache.

It didn’t minimize my eyebags’ puffiness nor did it lighten my dark undereyes

Bees produce some of the world’s most effective natural healing substances. Guerlain Research has been working continuously with honeys and royal jelly to create Abeille Royale: a skincare program with BlackBee Repair technology which helps stimulate the key mechanisms of the skin’s revitalizing process to help continuously correct wrinkles and loss of tissue firmness

This Night Cream treated my acne with love and care – changed my skin for the better. Results that other creams can’t give! It is the lightest cream I have ever tried – not at all greasy. I love that it’s perfect for my acne-prone skin – leaving my skin supple and healthy-looking

I’m not supposed to use regular creams anymore. I have tried and tested. I can only tolerate light/night creams. This cream is an exception! Since Guerlain did nothing but just show me how good their brand is.. I still tried it! I’m so surprised how it lightened and brightened the dark areas of my body (butt, thighs, scars, wounds, acne scars, hyperpigmentation). It is so effective I saw results after 24 hours! Its scent is highly addictive because it’s subtle yet smelling fresh. They should have a body cream made of this Vit C Day Cream, I’ll definitely hoard for sure!

Ahhhhh my savior! The major product that treated my acne, lightened my scars, and minimized my pores in LESS THAN A WEEK. It did something that other brands can’t do! It contoured my skin, made it firm and helped in preventing my blackheads. I love its thick texture, scent and packaging that gives an equal ratio of oil and serum. It is very thick – adding cream is optional. You don’t trust me? Ask for a sample of this product TODAY! Pls thank me after 3 to 5 days. πŸ˜‰

Not ok with regular creams? Guerlain changed that! Skin hates thick texture? Guerlain changed the game! Oils don’t work with acne-prone skin? Guerlain says “ACNE-PRONE SKIN WHO?” I break out on ANY.. I MEAN ANY .. skincare product with oils in it.. but this Watery Oil is such a game changer.. it is willing to up its game for all of us. This skincare has the richness of an oil, the lightness of a lotion and the power of a serum. It survived a week of taking care of my skin ALONE – making my skin extra plump and smooth! Truly the best pre-serum in the market today.

It is made of honey, a natural antioxidant, making it a perfect partner of makeup to avoid oxidation. Apply the Youth Watery Oil BEFORE your regular makeup routine and see the difference

I have nothing bad to say against this oil that I thought would break me out as well. This oil is lightweight and has a relaxing scent. It can immediately melt waterproof makeup (without stripping oils and lashes off my face) and gently remove dirt. It makes my skin feel fresh and comfortable after every use – best to pair with Orchidee Imperiale’s cleanser!

This is supposed to be a nightly treatment that should be used whenever you lack sleep and need that extra oomph for the next day. But since its texture is kinda thick and it leaves a film behind, I’d rather use it as a spot treatment. It helps my skin recover from any wound, dryness, or irritation. It gently treats my active acne like no other – leaving me with a fresh-looking skin – no acne scars!

I have nothing but kind words about Guerlain. If there’s any product that didn’t work well with my skin.. it’s more on the chemistry of my body with the said product or I happen to like the counterpart version of the Orchidee Imperiale product more. I salute Guerlain for taking care of the bees and the efforts they make to make sure that their products are all-natural and support sustainability. Even their packaging is recyclable and very lightweight (40% than before), you can’t find an issue about this brand!


All brands and products mentioned on this post are not sponsored


  1. Ang gnda ng products nila Ms. Japs, sa packaging p lng din, simple pero sophisticated. Tapos un pagaalga nila sa bee’s, sustainability din nila sobrang plus factor na. I love how your skin love the Guerlain products, fresh and natural tgnan,iba unlike before. Kung mlapit lng ako sa mall for sure nanghingi na ako Ng sample. ☺️


  2. Hi Ms japs ang gaganda naman po lakas mapang sosyal ang dating po Para tuloy sarap tignan kapag ganyan ka Ganda ang product po 😍😍😍😍

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