Rouge Dior Minaudiere

Finally, my own take about this mini clutch and lipstick set.

This minaudiere is a part of Dior Beauty’s 2021 holiday collection. It is very LIMITED – sold out within the day here in the Philippines

What’s special about this minaudiere is not just what’s inside but what it looks like when used as a fashionable piece

The minaudiere is lightweight, luxurious and compact. It is so small, it’s more appropriate to be used in formal occasions. This clutch is not heavy for it has a metal-like property and feels.

In this clutch are 4 refillable lipsticks with different shades and finishes.
466 Pink Rose – a natural pearly pink with a satin finish

For some reason, I’m not a fan of Dior’s satin lipsticks because they are mostly not pigmented and messy on the lips.

858 Red Pansy – a matte red

For some reason, even Dior’s matte lipstick has a satiny texture – they are NOT transfer-proof but it has a perfumey smell that I really adore

862 Winter Poppy – a velvet red with a cool shimmer

This is by far my most favorite Dior lipstick shade and texture. Ever since I’ve tried Dior’s velvet formula.. I became madly in love with velvet lippies.

999 Velvet Lipstick

I have a lot of 999 lipsticks (matte and satin) .. all came from 2020’s holiday collection together with Dior’s mini clutch.

Last year, the clutch was cheaper with 5 lipsticks inside but the clutch is way bigger and better in quality.

EXTRA FEATURE – Diorific 077 Midnight Corolle

This is gonna be the last time I’m gonna buy this lipstick. πŸ₯΄

It is messy, patchy and not transfer-proof. Indeed very pigmented but for some reason its texture is really not good, at least for me.

2021 Lipstick Design


2020 Lipstick Design

This Dior minaudiere is very special for me since this is gonna be my last purchase from the holiday collection. Due to personal reasons and bad customer service, I will no longer support Dior Beauty Philippines.

I hope you still support the remaining pending Dior beauty content you’ll see in the months to come.

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