Dior Beauty Essentials

This is a detailed review of the Dior Beauty essentials I’m using for months now.

Here are the Dior beauty makeup and skincare products I purchased recently :

This is a good eye serum that is best used for hydrating the eyes, especially during the cold season. If you happen to have eyebags and wrinkles, I don’t find this eye serum that helpful.

It has a massager that is probably good news for most of you but I don’t use it anymore for it caused me to have conjunctival cyst. Be very careful in using an eye messager for it may cause you to have an eye cyst.

It looks naturally invisible on my skin, especially when foundation is as thick as what I applied here 😬

This is the best way to apply this highlighter. Less foundation, more natural glow! This Illuminizer looks wet on the skin, minimal glitters and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. It doesn’t look blinding but definitely the best to use to achieve that healthy summer glow. ✨️

I might be impressed if I haven’t tried this Nars lipstick

If compared with Dior’s limited “glittery” lipstick, Nars will definitely win. Most especially when I’m also considering the tag price, quality and longevity of the product.

It is basically just a regular lipstick with glitters on the outside that aren’t pigmented enough to transfer on your lips. Once you have the first swipe, the 2nd layer of the lipstick won’t have glitters anymore. The design is absolutely beautiful but not worthy for its price


Let’s move on to liquid lipsticks…

Dior 626 Forever Famous
Dior 558 Forever Grace

These liquid lipsticks are very lightweight, the applicator is easy to use and mess-free. Pigment and color payoff are really good so be very careful and make sure that you won’t blot your lips upon application. Let it dry after applying a thin coat before moving your lips.

More Beauty Products For You!
Dior Addict Stellar Gloss 721 Glitz

It smells so great and feels comfortable on the lips. I love that without any sting, it plumps the lips – making it look extra juicy.

It leaves a mild stain on the lips, making it soft and moisturized. I love its packaging, simple but luxurious!

I can describe the Lip Glow Oil with my eyes closed. 🙈 I know this product in a heartbeat. Its texture and scent is very relaxing. Packaging is compact and in good quality. Its applicator feels comfortable on the lips. Ugly part? It tends to stink after a month of continuous usage so you can’t hoard this and should be emptied out in 3 months or it will smell worse!

These beauty products are definitely good .. but not for everyone to use. I hope this blog post helped you know what to pass or purchase.

All brands and products mentioned on this post are not sponsored


  1. Very detailed review Ms. Japs, haven’t try any Dior Lip products but sa review m p lng prang I know na. Mas bet k p din un mini liquid lipstick n binigy mo Ms. Japs sa Sephora, Red… lightweight pa 💄😊


    1. Hi Ms japs ❤️❤️Maganda talaga ang Dior kasi ang dami magaganda pag pipilian shade ❤️❤️😍😍
      Tiktok :Gretchencamposano
      Fb:chen balangue Camposano.
      Yt:chen balangue Camposano


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