Dior Beauty | Nighttime Skincare Routine

Do you happen to have a nighttime skincare routine or both your day and night skincare routine are just the same.. or you just don’t care?

Watch this vlog to know more about the products in details or read further to help you find the best products for your nighttime routine.

All brands and products mentioned on this post are not sponsored

This is the best wash I have ever tried! It’s perfect whenever I have hives and active acne. It doesn’t make my skin dry or leave it irritated. It’s also perfect to use as a treatment for my bacne. I couldn’t be more happier to have found this cleanser!
This scrub is perfect to minimize pores, remove black heads and soften dried lips. Love to use and smell it every other day.
The lip plumper you never know you needed. It moisturizes and volumizes the lips as it leaves a cooling minty sensation like no other.
Not meant to be a spot treatment but this is definitely a good serum to help in treating active acne and moisturizing the skin.
My very first Prestige serum. It helps in contouring and lifting my face + generates the deepest layers of the skin to help in rebuilding the skin’s architecture – giving it a resilient framework.
The eye serum with a massager in its packaging. Lightweight and soothing on the eyes.. use it with Dior Capture Totale eye cream and you are up for a healthier and brighter eyes in the morning
The cream that saved my whole skincare routine giving me an idea that LESS IS MORE.. it is not too thick like the RICH CREAMS but not lightweight either.. it has a mousse-like texture and a rose fragrance that never bothered me. I love how it heals my acne then leaves my skin smooth and firm like no other
A body creme that leaves the body smell and feel sexy. It doesn’t make the skin feel sticky, it just gives the skin a soft and satin finish
The benefits are endless! From treating and soothing dry and sensitive skin to healing wounds and rashes or other skin issues you have. This cica balm is the bomb!


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