Dior Beauty – Dream Team Products

I’ve been a Dior addict since 2015, even before Heart Evangelista posted about it. I’ve been blogging about it for years. But my love and hate relationship for Dior’s customer service made me go back and forth in loving the brand itself.

These Dior products have been my dream products (benefits and aesthetics wise) for so long.. I’m so glad that hubby said YES to buy me these.

On this vlog, I made a detailed review of these products and how I use them daily. Keep on reading to know more about these Dior favorites.

Love its smell and benefits. From removing black heads to minimizing pores and even scrubbing dried lips.. the benefits are endless!
Lightweight and relaxing once applied and smelled. This balm to oil wash by Dior Prestige is truly heaven-sent. It makes the skin/lips plump and moisturized, clean without leaving your skin dry.
I have no words for this baby. It made my skin extra soft – helps in faster and better absorption of the other skincare products I’ll apply next. It smells good and feels like milk on my skin. The best essence I’ve ever tried!
Perfect for both men and women. This scent is all about romance, sexiness and power. It’s a fruity scent with a hint of muskiness on the side. Packaging is simple yet very elegant.

These products are definitely a keeper. I would repurchase them knowing that the benefits match their price tag. I love Dior but customer service has to be good for me to stay.

What’s you current Dior beauty favorites? Have you experienced bad customer service with Dior beauty as well? 😮‍💨 Hoping for the best!

All brands and products mentioned on this post are not sponsored



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