Smoke and Rub Herbs & Spices

I was never fond of frying. Hence, the very reason why I don’t know how to use dry rub 😵‍💫 But read more and feel like a pro in the kitchen with these herbs and spices

Thankful to Ann for blessing me with these goodies!

She sent me these sauces and dry rub as a gift and they are sooooo good for me to not share it with all of you!

These products are made fresh at home. No need to fear for added preservatives for this is home-made with love.

The packaging is really nice. You’ll smell its aroma as soon as you open it. From its fragrance, you’ll easily know which one to try first.

I love the fact that the sauces are delectable without the chances of having UTI. They are all tasty and aromatic. It can easily infuse flavour to your meat, fish, poultry and veggies without the need to add more.

Just marinate your desired food for a day or two, voila! You have a sumptuous dish the next day. Just be creative and mix n match for they have a variety of flavours for your taste buds.

Among the dry rub options they have, I find Aroma Hills one of the best because it has Kapeng Barako. We are suffering from skin asthma lately and I am proud to say that we (even my kids) never had any allergic reaction from any of these products. Great job!

500 g = Php 450
160 g = Php 220

For sauces, they have :

Sweet Honey BBQ

BBQ Rib Sauce

Spicy BBQ Rib Sauce

150 ml – Php 85

I know Ann for years now. She and her family are very hardworking. She is a hustler who loves to spread good vibes and love to everyone around her. I wouldn’t recommend her products to you if I know she can’t be trusted. In Filipino, “Di ako mapapahiya sa inyong lahat. These are high-quality products!”

To order, please call 09186459865 or follow them on Facebook to know more details



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