Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G and Buds Pro : 50 Days Later

Samsung has been so close to my heart. I’ve been loyal to the brand for years now. This blog is made not because I’m sponsored but because I am just so astounded to my new phone, the S21 Ultra.

Though this purchase is definitely unexpected, I am just in awe of its processor, HD screen quality and camera’s features. Check out this HD photo I took from its camera.

To learn more about my FULL review, watch this!

If there are some cons this phone has, they are minimal but might be important to you. Just an FYI, you’ll miss out on eye sensor, SD card slot, battery replacement, power adapter, heart rate sensor and headset jack.

It is convenient to wear.. it doesn’t fall and it can still be fashionably hidden 😉

… and this is why I suddenly had the need and urge to buy the Buds Pro. Not just for bragging rights or to look cool but because I use its mic for vlogging, 360 surround sound for entertainment, and ambient sound for relaxation. Once you try it, you’ll understand its beauty and importance. It has its cons though. Check out my vlog to know more about it.

Overall, Samsung is a blessing to me and my family. My husband recently won a good TV from the brand and I’m just so amazed by how great even their TV is. HD and processor at its finest. 👍

All brands and products mentioned on this post are not sponsored


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