Grr Grrl Cosmetics All-Waterproof Makeup Line

Grr Grrl is an "all-waterproof" makeup line based in Hawaii,USA. It is a vegan and cruelty-free brand. For me, Grr Grrl's main strength are its waterproof capabilities, long-wearing and lightweight formula.

I am one of those people who NEED a GOOD/CLEAN waterproof makeup brand. Thus, an ALL-WATERPROOF makeup line is an answered prayer for me.

This is why I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to know Ms Roxana Turnbo, the President and Owner of the brand, Grr Grrl. She is nice enough to send me a PR package and I am here to introduce you to most of their products.

I love its matte, healthy-looking finish. It has anti-aging ingredients that made my skin glow after washing the makeup off my face. It works so well on its own, no need for a primer because of its LONG-WEARING formula! Coverage is awesome. Best part, though the brand doesn’t claim that it’s transferproof, it did not transfer on me! It doesn’t oxidize either! I just deducted 1 point for the creasing under my eyes.

You only need 1 pump per side of the face
Grr Grrl is all about BEAUTY within..

A mineral powder that is lightweight and so fine, it won’t clog your pores. As per the brand, it is ONLY transfer-resistant but it is transferproof on my end. It has high coverage and very buildable. The powder you never know you needed. Perfect for those who always wear a mask and “on the go”, just wear it and forget about it. I deducted 1 point because of its packaging/mirror. Check my vlog to see what I mean 😉

Black, long and thick lashes without clumps. Foolproof. No need for a lash primer and definitely luxurious in packaging. I have to deduct 1 point for a lot of my lashes fell out after applying it with a Dior Lash Primer.

Another 1 point deduction for its packaging issues (use it SAFELY AND SAFELY) and 36 months shelf-life when mascaras should only last for a max of 6 months
Let’s move on to my most favorite Grr Grrl product
Grr Grrl Waterproof Purrfect Cat Eyeliner (9/10)

Deducted 1 point for its packaging (look at the missing R on the photo), this eyeliner can easily pass a perfect score. Won my heart completely with its fool-proof black stamp that will make a cat’s eye look so easy to create without wasting time and product. The eyeliner is a black matte and doesn’t dry out easily. It is buildable and doesn’t crack nor smudge. Just wow! 😻

I love how lightweight and long-wearing their formula is. Lips is instantly spoiled with TLC and cuteness upon application. The point deduction is due to its very minimal and subtle glitters. ✨

Pigmented.. but not as glittery as expected..
Grr Grrl Lip Kit (9/10) Watch out on its retractable lip liner issues at times!

Probably the most lightweight and non-drying formula of a liquid lipstick. It doesn’t have any ugly scent. No need to fret for any lipstick stain.. this one’s got your back at least half a day! Longevity is the best, you should order to know more about the rest 😉

In terms of quality, both the eyeshadow and face brushes are okay.. but I can’t use all the eyeshadow brushes because they are too soft to blend. They can’t take a lot of makeup and so the product ends up falling out on my face.

A 10 piece complete collection of professional face and eye brushes that make it easy to sweep, smooth, smudge and highlight. This professional brush set is designed with chic champagne handles, rose gold tip, durable, and densely packed synthetic bristles.

The face brushes are nice though. They are great in setting, blending and contouring my makeup. I just had some brush issues that you can see on this video.

Prepare your eyes for the most fierce look as this eyeshadow palette highlights the good and emphasizes the boldness in you. It screams pigment and lit all in one palette. Minimal kickback and fall out, the ONLY eyeshadow palette you need for busy and VERY IMPORTANT days – it won’t let you down! Makeup artists should have this in their kits.. like right now!

Use code JAPS for 20% DISCOUNT!
The Fierce Personalities Palette shades are named after women who advocated for women and animal rights

My 2nd favorite product. It shows what neon is all about. It glows in ultra violet light so you can party all day with an eye-popping makeup look. Amazing variety of shades, this eyeshadow palette is all you need whether you want to look great all day or party all night. 🥳🎊🎉

Just be careful of its buttery and soft formula, use your fingers to apply it on your eyes with less mess.
Makeup Eraser (9/10)

All you need is water .. then boom! 🤯 Waterproof makeup is gone in one swipe. Use the other side for exfoliation and the softer side to erase makeup. The ugly part is it’s so hard to wash the makeup on the cloth as well but overall.. this is AWESOME!

To see the extreme WATERPROOF makeup test I made for GRR GRRL, watch this DETAILED video

I’m so glad to have this opportunity to introduce you to the brand. You can order online and use code JAPS to slash 20% upon checkout.

If you happen to be in the Philippines, please DM me or our Grr Grrl Team Leader Ashleigh.

Want to be a consultant in the Philippines or Dubai? Just click on the links of the respective countries.



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