Dior Makeup Unboxing | Rustan’s Box of Happiness

I shopped.. and bought DIOR makeups.. AGAIN 🤦‍♀️😅🤣😆

I bought the best of the best Dior makeups this year. I am so proud because I think I’m off to a great start for I was able to receive TONS of freebies thanks to the Dior team, Miss Rose and Den

Dior Rustan’s : 09273290690

I also got some samples from La Mer and I’m so grateful to Jennifer and her team for giving me this chance to know more about their brand and see what La Mer products work best for me. So far, the LIFT SERUM is VERY PROMISING!

Jennifer of La Mer : 09178387679

Thank you also to Mira and Anna for taking care of my order and the products I requested for transfer. I appreciate the samples you gave me as well.

Anna of Loccitane : 09178123086

La Mer, Dior makeups and a box full of happiness from Rustan’s

Yes I got A LOT of freebies from Rustan’s too. To be a Beauty Addict member has a lot of perks and this is just one of it.

Promo ends on January 31st. Redemption is until March 31st.

Photo credits : My Personal Shopper Bona. To inquire, contact her at 09459842774

I love shopping .. especially when it becomes extra fun because of the people who gladly assist me. But, nothing beats the feeling of receiving gifts and freebies from great brands without the fuss of this busy world.

All brands and products mentioned on this post are not sponsored



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