Osaka Ohsho Megamall

Osaka Ohsho, they claim to be a place where we can find the world’s #1 gyoza. We’ve seen this restaurant a lot of times already but ignored it because it is always full of people. Out of curiosity and because of my usual Japanese cravings, we decided to go in. This is what welcomed us.

Place (11/10)

A cold, chic and elegant place. The lighting is perfect for the ambiance and decors they have inside. The contrast of colors that are in the restaurant looked so cool and royal. In a matter of 2 minutes, I finally understood what the buzz is about.

Furniture (11/10)

The sets of furniture look elegant and clean. I love the theme and the interior of the whole place.

Original Chahan (9/10)

This rice is oozing with taste and ingredients. It is delicious and full of flavor. Love every single thing about this rice. The only thing I don’t like is the expensive price of this rice given that the rice is only good for one person.

Ebi Tempura (11/10)

This dish won over Ogetsu Hime‘s ebi tempura because of their huge, crispy and fresh shimps. I love the batter they used, the right kind of crisp and the sweet tangy taste of their sauce. The perfect thing about this tempura is having a good price though this ebi is perfection.

Chicken Teriyaki (11/10)

I’ve been wanting to eat a perfect chicken teriyaki. Something that’s grilled into perfection with a generous amount of teriyaki sauce in and out of the tender chicken. They included vegetables on the sides which made it extra special for the eyes and the palate. They added sesame seeds to add flavor. I appreciate the crisp and honey barbecue taste that’s been absorbed by the chicken. Also, when I asked for an extra teriyaki sauce.. it was very easy for them to give it to me. The side veggies are fresh and delicious. Just wow!

Mabo Tofu Set (11/10)

My husband loves tofu and for him, this tofu is the best mabo tofu he has tasted by far. This set meal included watermelon, pineapple, unlimited rice and gyoza. Though I’m not a fan of tofu, I tried their gyoza. It is my first time to eat one and wow! I regret the days we ignored this restaurant who offers the best gyoza ever. Not just gyoza! But after this experience, I declare that Osaka Ohsho beated Ogetsu Hime. Step away Ogetsu Hime. We now have a new favorite Japanese restaurant. We just hope to find a better way to eat there without worrying the long line.

Experience (11/10)

The experience went beyond than what we expected. I wanna say thank you to Michelle who first welcomed us from the outside of the restaurant until we went in and finished eating. If it wasn’t for her nice gestures, we won’t be enticed to go in. Maybe up until now we’re still looking for the best Japanese restaurant to beat Ogetsu Hime. Thank God for her. I’m also grateful to the manager who made sure that everything’s gonna be okay. All the servers were nice, snappy and attentive. We appreciate their ability to still smile despite the busyness of the day. Eat here and see for yourself. The quality of the place and food plus the great customer service they offer proved us that everything they’ll charge us is worth every penny.

Osaka Ohsho SM Megamall

3F Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall,
Mandaluyong City
(+632) 631 7494

Website : ย



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