OOTD : Naomi

Plains & Prints Naomi Blouse and Ultra High Skirt
Plains & Prints Naomi Blouse and Ultra High Skirt

I still remember my feelings when I saw this long-sleeved blouse. I felt excited, happy and curious if this blouse will work for me. I usually don’t wear buttoned blouses; but this time, I broke my own rules.

Paired it with my Clarks shoes (see here)
Paired it with my Clarks shoes (see here)

The skirt I’m wearing isn’t the skirt that Plains & Prints suggested; but I took the risk and paired it with my most favorite and comfortable ultra high skirt. I also wore my Parfois earrings and Forever 21 ring. I didn’t use any bracelet because of my sleeves.


I never thought that green would look good on me. I suddenly fell in love with long-sleeved blouses because of the magic power they have to hide “flaws.” 😉 I also love the skirt and the shape it gave me. Together with my Clarks pumps, I enjoyed looking at my legs even more. It made me realize that shoes make women sexy! Thankful to Naomi and Clarks for making this look possible.

I always say that I love wearing dark eyeshadows. This time, I opted for lighter eyes so I can make my review in Rustan’s to look for the best waterproof eyeliner and mascara. I already found two of the best waterproof eyeliners which I will feature next week.. right now I’m still searching for the best waterproof mascara.

I love Sin. Not THE act of sinning but MAC SIN. I love the “darkness” it gives. Since it’s matte and too dark, I toned it down using my MAC Lip Glass with glitters. I love the combination they make together with my neutral eyes. Perfect for the “Naomi” look.

The name Naomi is a Hebrew baby name. In Hebrew the meaning of the name Naomi is : pleasant.

My “Naomi” look may be pleasant on the outside; but this name reminded me to look even more pleasant on the inside. It doesn’t matter if you smile a lot — when your thoughts are full of jealousy and hatred. It doesn’t matter if you wear branded clothes and shoes — if you don’t know how to give and share. It doesn’ matter if you please a lot of people — when you don’t please God! Please God above all. Be pleasant on the outside but most especially on the inside.


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