Everybody loves Barbie. She’s the perfect example of beauty, grace, and sophistication. I had a collection of different Barbie dolls before; but when I started to teach girls, I gave them all away. I had an understanding that Barbie dolls are supposed to be played and not to be displayed. I can make more children happy when I give it to someone else instead of making only myself happy for keeping too many Barbie dolls at my age.

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Now that I’m an adult, I already know that Barbie is just a model of how a woman should act and look like. We all have our own preference on how we want to present ourselves. We don’t need to aim for a perfect skin and body just like Barbie. We just have to be the perfect version of ourselves.

Plains and Prints Pre-Fall 2014
Plains and Prints Pre-Fall 2014

To celebrate last year’s Pre-Fall collection, I’m wearing something from Plains & Prints 2014’s Pre-Fall collection. I love this dress because it’s comfortable and perfect for my body shape. The color is a bit challenging to wear because I’m not a fan of light-colored clothes. I’m glad it worked for me so… yipee!

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I’m not a Barbie fan anymore. Thus, I don’t love pink. I seldom use pink and I do my best for them to complement with my skin tone.

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Because of the Barbie look I’m trying to pull off, I used MAC pigmented eyeshadows in the hue of orange and pink; then added some “pixie dust” on the corner of my eyes to elaborate on my round eyes. Complete the whole look with a flamingo pink lipstick from Nars… Voila!


Every woman should SMILE. It is our all-in daily accessory.

I’m such a fan of H&M’s accessories. Their items are unique and perfect for all ages.

This look is created to be reminded about Barbie and why we are not supposed to be exactly like her. Let’s continue to enjoy individuality and stay unique!