Mall of Asia

Everybody knows that Mall of Asia (MOA) is known as the biggest mall in Asia. Thus, it means a long walk just to find a rest room, shops, and even your favorite restaurant. MOA has a hot (outside/edge of the mall) and cold area (inside/middle part of the mall).

We can all agree that MOA is crowded because people outside Manila go here as well. It is insane to wear heels in this mall. 😫 It is also considered as a tourist spot. I saw a lot of foreigners everywhere. Aside from shops, restaurants, and their cinemas, MOA have event centers where different events are held. One of which is Jollibee’s Funtasy Land.

Aside from their event centers, what is an SM mall without restaurants in and out of the mall. Cafe Mediterranean is one of them.

And lately, MOA is starting to be known as an amusement park as well. There are lots of things to be done there. From the mall, they have a bridge where people pass to cross MOA’s other side. There are lots of foreigners taking pictures there. At the end of the bridge is an elevator (good thing there’s one for customers with strollers and wheelchairs). People also go there to use a telescope for sight seeing and see the overlooking MOA eye. Wow!

There are tons of rides as well. People can start riding them around 3pm onwards.

We start off with the bump cars for P50 per ride. We had lots of fun because there’s no need to fall in line yet and we had no one to bump to. πŸ˜†

It is so hot and bright that we can’t even open our eyes wide. πŸ˜ƒ
It is so hot and bright that we can’t even open our eyes wide. πŸ˜ƒ

We weren’t able to take photos of the other rides. It’s too hot and we feel like we’re melting. (For one thing, my makeup is!) πŸ˜‚

After driving bump cars, we tried riding the MOA Eye for P150 per head. Kids below 1 year old are still free. There are many ways to avail a cheaper ticket through deals online like MetrodealΒ and Ensogo.

There’s an aircon inside but it’s still hot; it’s 3pm so it’s expected to be humid. 😳 The freaky part about the ride is how slow the wheel turns. It takes its sweet time and it’s freaky because it’s see-through and you can actually see the beach and the people underneath. Well… Somebody freaked out. πŸ˜†


We felt like it’s the longest 20 minutes we ever had. πŸ˜…

Getting a cab isn’t tough around MOA. Though at 3pm, expect a heavy traffic already! We had a blast! πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ We’ll definitely go back next time WITH EXTRA CLOTHES and MORE COURAGE to try their other rides and see the beautiful sunset . πŸ˜„


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