My Melissa Vivienne Westwood Rocking Horse Ballerina Shoes

I have a tremendous love for ballet. Well one reason is because I took ballet classes when I was young. 2nd is I look up to ballerinas' grace and beauty while dancing. So when I saw a beautiful ballerina shoes with heels, what do you think I did? 😂

X.O. 46

This photo is definitely one for the books; but the experience isn't something I'll remember forever. We're not impressed and we won't go back. It's such a waste to see a good restaurant with a good concept but the management wasn't able to pull it off. Maybe it's just the Estancia branch but overall.. we won't suggest this restaurant. 😥

OOTD : 32 Questions (Ft Maureen Disini’s Rowan)

For this birthday OOTD post, I asked my followers and friends to ask me anything about myself, health, relationships, motherhood, etc. Here they are and my answers about different topics. Please read on as you might relate to the questions asked on this post.