OOTD : Embrace Imperfection (Wk 5 of Chubby Girls Get Skinny Project)

I am having very bad hormonal issues since last week : pimples, fatigue, depression, and cravings. Because of that, I gained more weight.. putting me back to the weight I had when I started to join the Chubby Girls Get Skinny (CGGS) Project. Click here to join our private group in Facebook. It is a fun group led by Beth and together joined by Brie and I. We are not a perfect group who will mandate everyone to lose weight immediately. It is more on a support group to help each other lose weight gradually and in a healthy and happy way.


Just like this photo of my attempt in having a blogger shot. Me and my husband always wonder why I cannot make a “blogger” pose.. and so to my attempt to make one, we laughed when we saw the outcome.

Pietra Playsuit From Plains & Prints’ Carnaby Street Collection

As a person, we tend to be imperfect and last week, I learned to embrace my imperfection even more. I can’t accept the fact that I have my old weight back again and I want to push myself harder to lose weight.. but for some reason.. my efforts failed. 😯

Weight : 171.1 Lbs

Furla Bag

So I was like, “What can I wear now?” I tried A LOT and they all didn’t fit well. Then I thought of trying this playsuit. To my surprise, it looked great. Much better than what I expected.

Wearing Aldo Wedge Shoes

With Aldo’s black high-heeled shoes, my legs looked longer and slimmer. With the perfect posture, angle and pose, it became easy to look sexy though the scale says otherwise. I began to realize that even though I know that the scale is my instrument in telling me if I did a great job or not.. it CANNOT or SHOULD NOT stop me from being happy and looking great on that day. I had the opportunity to feel down and low, but I chose to be happier and just enjoy the rest of the day.


At first, I wore my Aldo shoes, but after walking for hours in the Grand Canal Mall, I started to wear my Melissa flats.

Wearing Melissa Shoes
Forever 21 Accessories

Which look do you prefer? With flats or heels? You may wonder why I had to change shoes. It’s because my fibromyalgia attacked again. It got even worse. Right now, I can’t walk well. Too much stress and a lot of attempts to lose weight took toll on me. 😢

Lesson Learned : There’s no harm in trying and giving your best. Just don’t forget that your priority is what benefits you “the most” and not what benefits you “the quickest.”

Using MAC Veluxe-a-Trois
Wearing a MAC Lady Be Good Retro Matte Liquid Lip Color

With the right clothes, perfect mixture of eyeshadow colors and a chiseled face, the “bigger” weight of the week can now be concealed easily. Thanks to makeup and fashion! No need to feel sad when in “gain mode.”


This week has been one of the most stressful weeks ever. Let me share with you the verse that changed my outlook in life last week.

Proverbs 14:30 – A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones.



  1. I love your lesson learned this week girl!! I love this…”don’t forget that your priority is what benefits you “the most” and not what benefits you “the quickest.” Totally putting that on my wall! You are so amazing girl and you look so stunning! I just love your sense of fashion!! You just beyond gorgeous…inside and out!!! We got this girl!!

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  2. Love the lesson learned:) We can get impatient with results, but we should be proud of our efforts because they will pay off much more than taking the “easy” route:) You look so beautiful!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I can only wear heels for a maximum of 6-8 hrs a day but I only get to wear heels once or twice a week as well. Thank you! Melissa flats have secret heels underneath their shoes so it’s a perfect way to still look taller and have longer legs. 😉

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  3. Your outfits are ALWAYS on point!! The purse and both shoes!!! I want!! And I admire your strength to keep going even though losing weight is so hard hun. You’re truly inspiring!! Keep rocking!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I admire you more for losing weight even after an impacted tooth operation. 😉 We can do it.. though honestly, without your encouragement, I already wanna give up. Thanks for supporting me always. More power!

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