OOTD : Embrace Imperfection (Wk 5 of Chubby Girls Get Skinny Project)

Lesson Learned : There's no harm in trying and giving your best. Just don't forget that your priority is what benefits you "the most" and not what benefits you "the quickest."

Lakas Ng Isang Ama V2.0

An adapted and edited poem from an old poem entitled, "Lakas ng Isang Ama." I changed it and made this poem based on how I see my husband as a father to our 2 boys. Ga, I'm so proud of you and what you've become. This is for him and all the fathers out there. P.S. The photos are from my followers and followers' husbands. Each line from the poem doesn't connect to the photos under or over it. 😉

OOTD : Elegance (Tips on Changing Poses)

Many of you ask me how I look "slimmer" everytime I pose for my OOTD posts. I'm no expert and honestly, I'm not into "following rules." I'm a stubborn when it comes to fashion and beauty "rules." Since most of you say it works, I'll give you tips on how to pose for the camera.