OOTD : Janna

This summer, remember to wear light clothes. Always prioritize comfort over style. Make sure that your clothes are also friendly to your viewer's eyes. In this way, you just don't look stunning. You also look radiant!

OOTD : Salvador

The design is perfect for my body type. It is so cool that it comes with sleeves and the pleats made me look like a princess that day. The dress showcased a perfect photo of a place that I also enjoyed looking at. The upper part of the dress is cotton which makes it very comfortable to wear and the lower part is thicker because of the pleats. The dress shows a playful and elegant lady in one.

OOTD : Valora

So Plains & Prints challenged us to post a photo that captures beauty, fashion and nature. Since I'm a huge fan of their brand and I love joining contests, I accepted the challenge. Though I'm not joining it, I am encouraging everyone to join.