Overall, our experience is a redemption of our bad experience from Mr. Kurosawa. I would love to try more from Sandaime… but.. I will still repeat what I said before, “Please change the uniforms of the lady servers in Mr. Kurosawa.” Aside from that, thank you for giving us a good experience through Sandaime. Continue reading Sandaime

OOTD : Alec Ft Marc Jacobs

This was my outfit when we celebrated Valentine’s yesterday. A 3/4 off-shoulder dress that I really love. This design was an on-off trend. I had a lot of off-shoulder tops when I was a teenager and I enjoyed wearing it. I love love love my shoulders. Because of Jennifer Love Hewitt and Mandy Moore’s “A Walk To Remember,” I learned to show my shoulders off. Continue reading OOTD : Alec Ft Marc Jacobs

Coca Loca

You may still remember our first impression on Coca. I love everything about this restaurant. Servers are professional, their manager is nice and helpful, restaurant is clean (including their restroom) and food is fabulous. Technically, this post is just a continuation of the review I made a few months ago. I’ll still give the same rating and same comments.. but will add these things.. Continue reading Coca Loca