OOTD : Strawberry 🍓

I’ve mentioned so many times here on my blog that I didn’t like the recent holiday collection from Plains & Prints. Well, I found few dresses that made me want to buy something from this batch. Here’s one of them : Strawberry Dress.

Plains & Prints Strawberry Dress, Clarks Shoes, Furla Bag

You might think.. hmmm.. strawberries.. now it’s time to wear something RED/PINK. Well if you look closely, there’s a hint of light blue at the bottom part of the dress. That color gave me a chance to mix ‘n match purple-blue-red! Excited? Me too! 😄


Refreshing colors all over the dress, bag, accessories, shoes and also my make-up. 😻

 Using MAC Veluxe A Trois eyeshadow, I made a “fierce” and bold look combining pink and purple. I played around the colors and attempted to make a strong eyeshadow combination coming from 2 bright colors. 👄


Using my new luminous tinted lotion from Victoria’s Secret, my legs had a glow during daytime.

The design of this dress is quite perfect for my body type. I gained weight because of THE holidays (boo, excuses! 😅) but this dress hid EVERYTHING I need to hide and distracted my viewers by splashing different playful colors on the lower part of the dress. The length is also perfect to give me comfort this cold season. The dress showed a bit of a mystery as well. It looked as if the upper part of the dress has been divided into two – a white sleeveless tube and the blouse with sleeves. The sleeves are also comfortable because it is a net-like cloth which allows my body to still breathe and show a bit of my skin but totally hiding most part of it. It’s like attempting to be sexy but it’s just pure strawberry cuteness. 🍓😍


I cannot wear a tube and I am so grateful to Plains & Prints for giving women with voluptuous bodies to still wear something where they can look good and sexy at the same time. I’m so happy that I got to know this brand who helped me know my style and taught me to like fashion more. If it wasn’t for this brand, I may still be the bland woman I am used to be. 😚


Plains & Prints – https://www.plainsandprints.com/

Clarks – https://www.facebook.com/clarks.ph/

Furla Bag – http://www.rustans.com.ph/

MAC Cosmetics – http://www.rustans-thebeautysource.com/


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