Gamezoo, Newport Mall

We found a new cool place in Newport Mall. The fun side of Newport City. In the entrance of Gamezoo, you won't feel welcome because the place looks too small from the outside.. but please go inside and see the long stairs going to the Kids (at heart) Land. 😅

OOTD : Vanilla Ft Aldo Shoes

I'm featuring Aldo because I'm wearing a black Aldo wedge on this look. Later on, I changed my shoes into flats --- Aldo's Zaitz ballerina flat shoes.

Newport City

I didn't see any promising restaurant nor do they have a unique shop. Their front liners are not friendly if compared to what City of Dreams has. The mall as a whole does not look appealing. It looked like a regular mall especially with the kind of crowd they have during weekends. I have to say, "Mom, you're wrong. City of Dreams is way better than Newport Mall!"

MAC x Ellie Goulding Collection

Who doesn't know Ellie Goulding? Her song became more popular because of the movie "Fifty Shades of Grey." I remember running to Makeup For Ever counters to check their "Fifty Shades of Grey" makeup collection.. and now MAC came up with their own collection dedicated for Ellie Goulding. In contrary to Makeup For Ever's "fierce" makeup collection, MAC x Ellie Goulding Collection is very light and best for those who want to have a "no makeup" makeup look.

Christian Dior Makeover Experience

I love the Dior products I recently bought in Rustan's. I purchased them basing on the makeover I had last week. On this post, I will give a review of the products I've tried and the experience I had from Dior Shangri-la team.

OOTD : Cherry 🍒 Ft Dior, Estee Lauder & Perricone

I asked you earlier if you like cherries. I guess everyone does. In life, we all have happy and bad days. We just have to fight the blues away and put the cherries that need to be on top. Do not allow yourself to be a victim of the negative people around you. Have the courage to walk away from the pain and stress that other people bring. Like how this dress and makeup made me happy, may we always remember to see our "cherries" in life and say no to the "apple" that makes us sad. Have a great day everyone!!!

Bad Customer Service in UCC Cafe Resorts World

Give the customers a reason to pay for that expensive, messy, and spoiled food you serve. A good customer service is a perfect way to cover up the restaurant's unintentional mistakes. Without good customer service, the dish will only be marked as an overpriced food on the menu. If UCC won't do something about this, then it's just too easy to boycott this restaurant who doesn't know the meaning of good customer service.


The food is good, the ambiance is great, the people are awesome. I don't see any reason for us to not go back. Actually, because of this restaurant we have one more reason to go back to Century Mall. We are so happy that now we already have a go-to Japanese restaurant in Makati. Hurrah for Yumi!