Authentic Friendship

Do you want to be in a group of friends that will bring you closer to God? Like 700 Club and Victory's Facebook page and send them a message so they can help you how to have a deeper relationship with God through a local church.

Meeting in Tuan Tuan

People who love to eat together are always the best people to have a relationship with. Nothing beats the experience of spending time with each other by eating together in a special place like this. We didn't just found a Chinese Brasserie to hang out to but we also met new friends to keep for a long time.

Nine West Philippines

I never had a problem in getting a new stock of shoes in Staccato or Clarks. I only had it in Nine West, a branded store with a poor customer service. Bottomline, I'm still glad to have the perfect shoes that my husband gave me. 😘 Thank you hubby!

Pringles Party Speakers

To those who are having problems in getting their Pringles Party Speakers, please do what we did and file a report now. If you have any other problems that are related in trade and industry, please don't hesitate to call DTI. They are like a big call center now and they are very prompt in replying and addressing our concerns. I hope that our government will continue to do things right.

City of Dreams

I'm happy that we have City of Dreams in our country. But I hope that we don't forget the fact that women should be respected. It doesn't mean that it is already the norm in other countries, we should follow it. If we want to be respected as a woman, we should show respect to our own body as well. City of Dreams is a place where men's eyes will sin and women will be the instrument for them to sin. ðŸ˜Ĩ

Kimono Ken

Kimono Ken is a perfect place to eat Japanese food at an affordable price. It is important for a person like me to see a decent restaurant near aa hospital. For more branches, please like their Facebook fan page : Kimono Ken.